About Nanking

NanKing, over the past four decades, has been a single family venture to
 preserve the standards of cuisine and service. The management was passed
                 on to S.Y.Liu, by his father K.Y.Liu.
                 Centrally located, known to every Hyderabadi's & food lover's,
Nanking is one of the most
                 successful and most-in-demand Chinese restaurants in the twin-cities.

To our customers:

Most of our entrees are cooked using the "stir-fry" technique. The ingredients are cut to uniform size and portioned prior to cooking. They are then placed, according to cooking time, in a special cooking vessel. The dish is then "stirred" and "fried" over a very high heat using a small amount of oil. The result is a nutritious and appetizing meal.

Our chef is skilled at preparing many wonderful dishes in addition to those listed on the menu. It would be our pleasure to work with youKalyan Nagar, Hyderabad to plan a special meal to be served in the restaurant or catered.

We hope you'll enjoy our food. Please let us know if you have any special dietary needs or if we can enhance your dining experience in any way

105 Parklane, Secunderabad - 500 003. 
Phone: +91-40-7843634 
E-mail : info@nanking-india.com